Specialists in the provision of professional security Personnel

Galaxon Services Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding. Galaxon specialises in the provision of Fully SIA licensed professional security personnel to local, national and multinational customers across all sectors, throughout the United Kingdom.

Our officers at the front line represent both us and our customers, which is why we invest so much in them through training and management support. Our officers are encouraged to excel in their positions and as a result are well motivated, not just to deliver service excellence, but also to establish an association with our customers.

Galaxon Security Personnel
• Corporate Guarding
• Retail Guarding
• Industrial Guarding
• Warehouse & Distribution Guarding
• Relief, Temporary & Contract Support Guarding

Galaxon Corporate Sector Security

Galaxon excel in both their dedication to the contract and their customer service skills.

Often, the first person a client will speak to when visiting an office is a member of the security team. Their impressions of that company, and their culture, are formed on the basis of that first exchange.

Galaxon has many years of experience in providing security teams that meet these exacting requirements, and of ensuring that a client’s first impressions are highly favourable.

We can provide guarding for all your corporate needs, including:
• Front of house guarding
• Reception guarding
• CCTV Monitoring and Control Room staff
• Post Room staff
• Searches
• Loading Bay guarding
• Car Park Control staff

Galaxon Retail Sector Security

Galaxon Security Personnel are generally perceived as providing static guarding services, however they also have the proven ability to fulfil an expert customer services role.”

Today’s customers demand more from their shopping experience: more time, more choice and more information.

The staff employed to protect your store and its staff must also be able to act as your ambassadors by enhancing the retail experience for shoppers, therefore attracting new visitors.

Galaxon have the resources and expertise to provide the calibre of trained personnel that meet the needs of such positions.

In Retail Stores we provide:
• Retail trained officers

In Shopping Centres we provide:
• Customer service officers
• CCTV monitoring and Control room staff

Galaxon Industrial Sector Security

Protecting your key assets and production processes.

Often the success of your organisation depends upon the protection of your key assets and production processes.

Any disruption on your site will have a cost to your organisation which might run into millions of pounds.

A swift response from trained and experienced staff on site will often make all the difference between inconvenience and disaster.

Meeting the needs of Industry
Galaxon Security Personnel provide:

• Gatehouse staff
• Building patrol staff
• Vehicle and personnel searches
• CCTV Monitoring and control room staff
• Post room staff

Galaxon Warehousing & Distribution Sector Security

Protecting Your Stock and distribution Processes

A successful operation depends upon the protection of your stock and the continuity of your distribution processes.

Any disruption in these areas needs to be dealt with swiftly and effectively in order to minimise the cost. On-site security personnel ensure that any problems that arise can be dealt with quickly in order to minimise potential disruption.

For warehousing and distribution, we provide:
• Gatehouse staff
• Load checking
• Vehicle and Personnel searches
• CCTV Monitoring and Control Room staff
• Post Room staff
• Loading Bay staff

Galaxon Temporary Guarding

Responding to your needs

As with most businesses, the demand for your products and services may fluctuate during the year. In many cases, this has a direct impact on the level of security you require from one day to the next.

There may be times when you need the services of a specialist security team for a few days or weeks, or you may need to increase your personnel cover to cope with a particular Contract or situation.

At Galaxon, we have made it our business to be responsive to these needs. Our strengths in recruitment and training means that we have the right personnel on hand with the expertise to cope with the wide variety of situations they might encounter.

Galaxon provide temporary guarding for all the following: 
• Civil emergencies and disasters
• Special event security
• Stewarding
• Covert operations
• Additional and short term cover
• Annual General Meetings
• Exhibitions
• Refurbishment programs
• Public demonstrations
• Crowd control
• Plants
• Contract Support while the client recruits

Galaxon Services Ltd holds a SIA APPROVED CONTRACTOR STATUS for the provision of Security Guarding and Key Holding Services.